Virtual Consultation Room for the draft River Basin Management Plan launched

The virtual room is a 3D representation of a consultation space. The site provides information on the draft River Basin Management Plan for Ireland 2022-2027 and how to  make a submission to the plan. There is also a link to the plan where it can be read and downloaded.

The draft plan outlines the current status of water quality in Ireland and the issues and pressures that are impacting on water quality. It details where improvements need to be made and the proposed measures that will be implemented over the next 6 years to protect good water quality and to restore rivers, lakes and coastal areas that are polluted.

A short video introduction to the plan is provided by Alan Walsh from LAWPRO highlighting why it is important that people make a submission to the plan. In a second video, a catchment scientist, Ruth Hennessy, explains the status of water quality in Ireland and the pressures impacting on rivers, lakes and coastal waters.

There are maps for each county showing the main pollution pressures on each of the rivers across Ireland. The virtual room also provides information on the management structures supporting the implementation of the River Basin Management Plan.

Finally, it is possible complete an online submission to the draft plan that will take between 5 to 10 minutes.


LAWPRO Virtual Consultation Room (


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